Beckham will return to LA Galaxy

Like a cold splash of water in the face of David Beckham’s dream to escape from Los Angeles, The Galaxy is announcing that he will return next month after his two-month stint with AC Milan ends, “despite his wish to stay in Italy.”

According to The AP, Tim Leiweke, president of Galaxy parent AEG, said,

“I know David is emotionally invested, but I don’t think Milan really was that interested in spending the money we would have had to receive to compensate us for our losses.”

The Galaxy had turned down Milan’s only offer to buy out Beckham’s contract. Hearing nothing further from Milan by Friday’s deadline imposed by MLS commissioner Don Garber to resolve the conflict, the team will hold on to Beckham for the foreseeable future. However, he has an option in his contract to leave The Galaxy at the end of this year.

One thought on “Beckham will return to LA Galaxy”

  1. While I am no expert on the game itself I have certainly read enough UK papers online to know that the only final answer in selling or trades is the one that comes 1 second before a transfer window closes. The yes-no-yes-maybe-no-no-yes-well, no maybe (repeat as needed until you want to throttle someone) saga of Beckham going to Real or _________ going to _______ (fill in your favorite or latest tempest in a teapot)is one of the things that keeps some people (and esp the 10 or 15 percenters) excited.
    If Galaxy can make back their money on him, I say let him go. the man loves the game but I can see Milan hesitate because at his age, the next injury could be the last of his career–not that I’m wishing it on him, just the reality of the game.
    Me, I’m still exhausted by the Kaka to Man City ‘will he/won’t he’ end of the world exercise in futility that we went through almost a month ago.
    I do like seeing postings on soccer/football on Metblogs, I just wish we had more real news about the sport although like many I don’t support any one U.S. team and it’s hard to generate excitement when you don’t have a lot of devoted fans.

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