It Caught My Eye: Wiener

While it may not glide as gracefully as Will’s blue heron below, this was still an interesting find as I made my late evening travels around the city.

That's a big wiener.
That's a big wiener.

It was about 11:30pm on Monterey Road on the very western edge of South Pasadena.  Seeing the Wienermobile parked on the curb caught me by surprise, though in retrospect I’m not sure why. I mean, it has to be somewhere, right?

Now the question is, what was it doing there? Late night promotion at a hot dog house party? Does the driver just live in this neighborhood? Did the wienerman have a booty call?  Please feel free to deposit your own theories in the comment section. (Wiener jokes encouraged.)

11 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Wiener”

  1. I saw it on Monday or Tuesday stuck in traffic on the 110 near Highland Park. I thought it was weird to see it there at that time.

  2. I love seeing the Wienermobile around! I’ve pulled over and driven around the block to snap a photo. It’s been a while though. I sat it at the Farmers Market (3rd & Fairfax) a little over 3 years ago. Another night, 2 years ago, it was sitting in front of a building on La Brea just north of Sunset. I HAD to pull over!

  3. Yeah, I see it parked on Monterey Road all the time. The driver must live there. Whenever I see him, I do a drive-by yelling and shout “Meat is Murder!” Not because I believe that necessarily, it just seems like the punk rock thing to do.

  4. Recently I was barelling up the 110 to downtown and the Wienermobile passed me at what I can only describe as “hot dog on fire” speed. Kind of freaked me out in the rear view, but that baby can really move when it wants to. Kudos to the lead footed wiener pilots.

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