It Caught My Eye: Big Bird

Spend a couple hours along the banks of the Los Angeles River through Atwater Village and Elysian Valley and the chances are pretty dang good you’ll see a great blue heron either in the water or in the air. Same goes for bodies of water like the reservoir of Silver Lake and the lake of Echo Park.

The Miracle Mile area of town? Not so much, until this morning. Turning westward onto 8th Street from Cochran I was veritably buzzed by the low-flying big bird coming eastward about 30 feet off the deck who looked like it was searching for a landing pad — and it did just that coming to rest atop the roof tiles of the catholic school at the corner I just turned on.

Being that I was on my bike I was 1) able to notice/marvel at the gracefully gliding creature, and 2) execute a u-turn to come back to it where it stood around just long enough for me to detach my cam from its ever-present handlebar mount and get this one shot before deciding it didn’t like the attention and continued eastward, hopefully to a more feathered-friendlier destination.

4 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Big Bird”

  1. These guys have been known to frequent residential neighborhoods in search of fish ponds that need cleaning out.

  2. I pity all the pond owners who discover that the great Blue heron has visited their pond. They eat up all the valuable koi and other fishes.

    I suppose they visit the LA river to eat toads and the Japanese Garden has the white variety of Cranes.

    When I was at Chino state prison I noticed that they feed on moles and other lawn destroying critters.

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