Bums to throw out first: Reyes, Alarcon and Villaraigosa

My approach to politics has always been, “If you don’t like what’s going on in your government, THROW THE BUMS OUT.”

Sure, it’s simplistic and may not be ultra-effective, but a big part of why our entire government is FUBAR is because these jerks get in there, get comfy, get corrupted, get busy SCREWING US, and NEVER LEAVE.

Even without weeks of time to research the individual scumbags (face it, who else wants to get into government?), one very effective tool is still THROW THE BUMS OUT. And if we do it for every election, we’re bound to get a good one. Or a less horrible one. Or at least a different one. (Yes, term limits are the lazy man’s method, but they sometimes take too long to go into effect.)

Don’t care much for those electronic billboards? I did a post about the one in Silver Lake and got lots of complaints about a lot of other ones.

Wanna know who just voted AGAINST banning them?

Richard Alarcon
Tony Cardenas
Bernard Parks
Ed Reyes

Up for re-election: Reyes and Alarcon.

VOTE AGAINST THEM and while you’re at it call their offices and tell them why. This really makes them crazy.

Oh and PLEASE don’t forget the biggest bum of them all: Antonio Villaraigosa – on the job a full ELEVEN PERCENT of the time he’s been in office, and really that was just to get his picture taken.


Little-known fact: Voter turnout for these elections is so alarmingly low that even a few hundred votes can swing an entire election. Let’s keep the momentum from last November – VOTE!

14 thoughts on “Bums to throw out first: Reyes, Alarcon and Villaraigosa”

  1. +1……. I’ve added some slogans to get everyone fired up.

    Just say NO to incumbents.
    Friends don’t let friends vote incumbent.
    This is your economy on incumbents.
    Incumbents, can’t live with em, can’t shoot em so vote them out.

    C’mon people, you can’t bitch if you just keep supporting the same ole 2 party broken down, p.o.s. system.

  2. How can you encourage, Ruth, individual participation in the political process through voting (You said: Let’s keep the momentum from last November – VOTE!) while also denigrating politics in general with your “Who else (but scumbags) wants to get into government?” Is Barack Obama a scumbag by sheer virtue of his chosen profession, public service? If so, then what’s so glorious about “the momentum from last November”?

    You should rethink some of your shoddy politics here; this seems like just more NIMBY bullshit.

  3. Rodger: Its simple – if more people pay attention to local politics and participate in the electoral process, more reputable folks will be encouraged to get into government.

    Ruth: I don’t see the problem with LED billboards over regular ‘ol billboards. The LED ones tend to be graffiti free, and better maintained… you never see an ad for a 2 year old movie being exposed as the poster for a 1 year old movie peels away.

  4. I’d take one of the LED billboards over one of those “building wrap” advertisements any day.

  5. It’s very simple. What does outdoor advertising produce? R-E-V-E-N-U-E. What does the city need more than ever right now? You guessed it … the two words dovetail. But Ruth’s eye hurt from the urban blight so she proposes to “throw the bums out.” Seriously. This is her platform. The enduring homeless problem, escalating gang violence, an increase in armed robberies on streets and in private dwellings, an LAUSD that is failing … no, electronic billboards are representative of bad civic governance and what ails the community so let’s throw the bums out.

    The vapidity and insensitivity and classism on display in the original post is nothing less than breathtaking. Try living in any run-down L.A. neighborhood, Ruth, and dealing with what Markland pointed out: beat-to-crap faded billboards for a movie that flopped two years ago in cinematic subpar history.

  6. Actually, Rodger, I’m not a fan of billboard blight in general. But opinions aside, according to the LA Weekly, “City Hall has utterly failed to collect a single dollar in its widely ridiculed seven-year effort to squeeze ‘inspection’ fees out of the huge billboard firms.”

    Whatever fees the city takes in from billboards is negligible, and overall think it decreases the property value of the surrounding areas. There is major billboard blight in L.A., so I think Ruth addresses a worthy concern.

  7. Respectfully, David, six or eight months ago billboard plight was a worthy concern, maybe. Today, in light of the economic numbers crashing down around us and the attendant burdens on our social structure and infrastructure, electronic billboards or billboards of any construction, seem the slightest of our concerns; this is akin, theoretically, to raising a ruckus over a reduction in school buses when schools are closing down. What point am I failing to make in how elitist Ruth’s thinking here truly is?

  8. I agree by and large with Ruth’s thinking, as do numerous other LA bloggers. Check LAist, which has been covering this issue quite frequently. I haven’t really noted anyone arguing on behalf of the billboard companies.

    And just because the economy has gone to shit doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stop caring about other issues, and just because a blogger writes about a topic passionately doesn’t mean they aren’t actively concerned about other issues offline.

    And, respectfully Rodger, you’ve spent as much time complaining about Ruth’s rant as Ruth did on her initial rant (well, maybe less time – I imagine you’re a fast typist). She’s venting about an issue, you’re venting about her venting.

  9. Thanks for the info Ruth. I didn’t realize that Reyes had supported the billboards. Of course none (that I can think of) are located in his district.

    I voted for him 4 years ago and have been pondering why I should vote for him again. Unfortunately, the only person running against him is our neighborhood council treasure who’s best attributes are that he’s not Reyes, and he has the nickname “Chuy.”

  10. As if there’s more reason needed to vote against the s(h)itting mayor,’Tonio’s finally come out and said what we’ve known all along: he’s eyeing the governor’s mansion in 2010. Great, the city’s gonna re-elect him only to have him go chase a bigger brass ring.

    I’m REALLY disappointed that Garcetti didn’t step up and pitch his hat into the mayoral arena. I know he’s got patience and eyes on much bigger prizes, but he’s going to have trouble getting there if he doesn’t build some broader recognition.

    As to Ruth’s call to ax Ed Reyes, I’ve got a soft spot in my bike loving heart for him because other than LaBonge’s bipolar thing for bicycles and Eric Garcetti taking the occasional two-wheeled ride, Reyes was the only other councilmember to step up and bring recognition to the need to promote cycling as an alternative and call for improvements that would make the mode a more inclusive part of his district’s transportation grid.

  11. Villaraigosa has got to go. I can’t name one thing that he’s done in his term that has changed this city. LA is practically over the cliff, and we need a real mayor who’s dedicated to this city.

  12. Have to agree with the majority here about the billboards. While they may not be the most important issue right now, the proper inspection and collection on these billboards would help the city get some funds it desperately needs to address these other issues rodger brings up…

    I live on south (extra south) Robertson and there is a new electronic billboard up every week. Now I do agree that its nice that they are never out of date but thinking about the revenue the sign generates (about 10x the revenue of a normal board) and the fact that the city gets none of it while fatcat media companies continue to break the law and erect these distractions it makes me sick.

    Also yes lets please get Villaraigosa out and ANYONE ELSE in.

  13. I have to agree that if those who currently hold office aren’t doing the job, or worse, are actively working against your interests, they must be voted out. Not having another name on the ballot that you recognize is no excuse for reelecting a bad representative. That’s like saying, “I don’t know that other guy, and he may or may not kick me in the nuts. Sure, you’ve been kicking me in the nuts, but I’m going to vote for you to keep doing it.”

    If there are people in office who aren’t doing what you need them to do, get rid of them. How much worse can it get? Hopefully the next guy or girl will do better. If he/she doesn’t? Wash, rinse and repeat.

    Given that Garcetti won’t be running for mayor and the call seems to be for ANYONE but Tony V, I would like to utilize this forum to announce that I will answer that call. I will run for the office of mayor of the city of Los Angeles. Please contact me directly for volunteer opportunities and fund raising assistance.

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