Win tix to The Airborne Toxic Event tomorrow at the Fonda!

Everybody’s fave local-band-making-good hits the stage at the Fonda tomorrow night for what’s sure to be a fantastic hometown show. Want free tickets? The Event is well-known for promoting the Silver Lake music scene and often name-checks their other favorite local bands when they’re performing. Which is admirable and if you’re in a band you should do it too, because nothing gives you more cred than giving cred where cred is due. So tell me your favorite local bands who you think should hit the big time, and we’ll randomly pick some winners to get pairs of tix gratis.  Info on the show is here.

4 thoughts on “Win tix to The Airborne Toxic Event tomorrow at the Fonda!”

  1. Oh man, who remembers the feels-like-Hulk-Hogan SLAM that Pitchfork did on them? And the band’s indignant, openly wounded response to Pitchfork in defense of their music, of the LA indie rock scene, and of the Silversun Pickups? Clearly, the band spent much too much time reviewing, editing, and revising their letter, much like the Pitchfork writer did with his review. They really are one and the same.

    Ah, here it is: Pitchfork review and ATE response

  2. The Monolators. Some people compare them to Buddy Holly. Others to the Modern Lovers. Fair enough, but I say what we got here is a modern-day Television. Seriously: I was a doubter until I caught them live at the American Legion Hall in Highland Park. Now I am a true believer. I love love love their new LP (and yes, I do indeed have that lovely slice of heaven on vinyl). Highly recommended!

  3. I have to say there are many good bands out there, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band (not an LA band though) and the Black Widows for obscurity, (I don’t think the latter is around these days)But performance wise I must say Third Grade Teacher takes the cake. She scared the crap out of me….I still have nightmares. You know it when she gets all hypnotized and stares right at you at a uncomfortable length of time. Evil I say, pure evil. But I like them, they look all sweet and innocent but woooo your in for a surprise. None-the-less, I really enjoy the sounds of Airborne Toxic Event and would love to see them. ~Kris

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