Jacob Ciocci + Fortress of Amplitude + Silent Movie Theatre = ZWTF?

God only knows what wonders and/or horrors will be unleashed when CERN restarts their Large Hadron Collider this September. But whatever a peek into the 4th dimension reveals, I can’t imagine it will be any more mind-boggling than this Sunday’s performance by Paper Rad artist Jacob Ciocci and San Diego’s Fortress of Amplitude at the Silent Movie Theatre.

Seriously, just take a look at any of the above epilepsy-inducing websites and see if you can figure out what these rapscallions are up to. No fair peeking at the press kit!

Having said that, Sunday’s performance entitled 2 Blessed 2 B Stressed should be quite the eye-opener and a good way to forget how much money you spent the day before on your special valentine.

According to the Silent Movie Theatre’s Web site, the evening with Jacob Ciocci will include: “a new 20-minute mix of original videos and animation; a performance of “I Let My Nightmares Go,” which uses a projector and live dance moves to grapple with inner demons; Web 2.0; GOD; 21st-century breakdown; real lies and fake truths; cartoon violence; and awareness bracelets.” Electro-sci-fi metal act Fortress of Amplitude will also be on hand to convince us that there is no spoon.

And lest I come off as aloof, the Theatre’s site also says that Ciocci’s work is “concerned with the relationships between popular culture, technology and notions of transcendence, all mixed inside a frenzied cartoon universe that is simultaneously celebratory and critical.”

So there!

Image: I’m sure it’ll all make sense on Sunday. Courtesy of the Silent Movie Theatre.

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