Hey Dodgers…LA vlogger Pete says give Manny Ramirez a job


Yes, LA video blogger Pete Handelman is at it again. ┬áThis time its Manny Ramirez’s unemployment woes (and doesn’t more than a few of us have that now) that are the subject of a video dart ┬áblog entry on Sports Shorts.

Pete’s thoughts on the topic and his inspiration after the jump.

“It’s fascinating to see malcontent baseball superstars languish unsigned this winter, as the new economy trickles down to sports.

Manny’s agent, Scott Boras, is a notorious negotiator with dubious methods. He may have lost Manny forty-five million dollars when all is said and done.

For fifteen years, Ramirez escaped excessive criticism because of his hitting prowess and personality, but it seems as though all of his transgressions are finally coming back to haunt him as teams have stayed away.

But The Dodgers want Manny back and continue to make offers despite two contract rejections. Will Manny re-sign with L.A.?

He energized a young Dodger team, the fans of Los Angeles, and lifted a team going south to the Championship Series. His Dominican roots and eccentric personality make for a perfect fit in L.A.

So what’s the hold up? Time will tell…”