Has Your Mailbox Gone Missing?

February 10, 2009 at 4:59 pm in Twitter

Not the one at your house, but the one in your neighborhood, down on the corner. The one that looks like the picture here. 

We used to have two within six blocks of our house and both are gone. Vanished in the night. I saw our mailman yesterday and asked where the box went and he did a double take at the empty spot where the box used to be. (Seriously, he did a double take) and said “Yeah, I guess it’s gone.” (Thanks.) He then said, “I’ll collect your mail from now on.” 

Well that’s a problem for me as I stopped putting my mail on outside our door about ten years ago when it was stolen, checks were washed and I *almost* had $4000 taken. Luckily for me I caught it within a day and the bank made it right. 

I’m not quite ranting as there is a post office nearby, but it’s kinda sad. Are you mailboxes disappearing? How do you feel about that?

(Clarification after I hit “post” — the post office took them away, they were not stolen.)

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