Tiger Uppercut! World Warriors Rise from MOCA’s Ashes

I’m a regular visitor to the LA Times’ excellent Culture Monster blog, so I was taken aback when I completely missed a major piece of news they reported last week. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the eagle eye of Taras “20 Minutes into the Future” Matla, I might still be in the complete dark about what will undoubtedly be the cultural event of 2009.

What am I carrying on about? At the end of a recent post about an exodus of board members from the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA Times staff writer Mike Boehm dropped this bombshell:

[T]he museum’s Geffen Contemporary building, closed until at least July as a cost-saving measure, is scheduled to be abuzz on the evening of Feb. 12 — not for art lovers, but for video game enthusiasts who’ll man more than 100 gaming stations during the launch party for Street Fighter IV. The game’s creator, Capcom, is renting the venue for the event.

Wow, talk about burying the lead! Capcom’s party will not only celebrate the launch of their latest entry in their mega-popular Street Fighter series, but will also mark 20 years of the button-mashing franchise’s history. Imagine that! And all without the help of $50 million from the NEA.

The festivities take place from 8 pm to 12 am and is free; you just need to RSVP.

At this late stage of the game, I can only hope that this post gets the word out to Capcom’s considerable fanbase. And no, I don’t mean this guy.

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  1. Frustratingly, they only rent their venue out for corporate events. We looked into both MOCA and LACMA for our wedding last june, but were turned away. Fuckers.

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