Snow It All!

I apologize in advance for any deception the thumbnail might present. Click it for its maximum size and you’ll quickly see this isn’t any masterpiece. It’s a digitally zoomed image from a point-n-shooter sitting on the corner of my desk and pointing through a dirty Westchester window at Mt. San Antonio (aka Mt. Baldy) and the San Bernadino range some 48-miles away. Improper equipment aside, when I looked up from my desk and saw the storm had cleared out and left me with this breathtaking scene just shortly before sunset, I just had to capture and share it.

7 thoughts on “Snow It All!”

  1. It hailed for a couple of minutes in NoHo. That’s as close to ice as I want to get.

    The view is breathtaking and I heard about it on Twitter. I was too busy to put on five layers of clothes to go check it out myself.

  2. Wow…I was waiting for this shot to show up. I love to see the San Gabriels all snow covered. That is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Check out the towercam at Mt Wilson:
    because it’s clear and a full moon, at 10 pm you can see the big dome and surrounding areas…check it out in the daytime…they have some great images sometimes…sometimes they aim the camera at the metropolitan area, sometimes the mountains…one of my daily web fixes…(sometimes more than once a day)…

  4. When the clouds broke yesterday and I didn’t have a proper camera or good vantage point I literally thought, Will Campbell must take a photo from his window at work! Voila! Thank you.

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