(disproven) Rumor: Chris Brown in high speed police chase, right now?

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DJ Khaled, not Chris Brown? Image via @BreakingNewsOn
Neither DJ Khaled nor Chris Brown. Image via @BreakingNewsOn

As I type this, a white Bentley with Illinois plates is in the midst of a police pursuit being that has been carried live by KCAL9 for two hours. They’re mentioning that this is likely a high profile suspect, described as an African-American male, and that it may be someone who was associated with an awards show this weekend. They also mentioned the suspect is suicidal and was in communication with the victim of an assault.


The chase began in the 4000 block of Lankershim in North Hollywood, and is currently in Manhattan Beach.

More at KCAL9… updates below. Feel free to pipe in below in the comments.

10:33pm: @BreakingNewsOn reporting that paparazzi is also in pursuit… definitely high profile. Additional speculation that this is Chris Brown spotted on Twitter.

LAPD tells @BreakingNewsOn suspect is being sought for assault with a deadly weapon on his girlfriend; said to be armed; ID unconfirmed.

10:44pm: Trying to find confirmation if Chris Brown owns a Bentley… in his song “Run It” he mentions one:

I got that Bentley GT parked outside
So scream at a nigga when your ready to ride
Come on

Vehicle is now eastbound on the 10 Freeway heading away from the 405.

11:16: Car stops on Lankershim in NoHo near car dealership… police waiting back. Woman walked up to car, tried opening passenger side door, the trunk opened, and woman walked away. Weird.

11:27: Per @KNBCNewsraw “Bently stopped on Lankershim in Universal City… Ch 4: Not a high profile person behind wheel, according to NoHo station.”

12:06am: KCAL9 says viewers called into station saying suspect is actually DJ Khaled from Terror Squad.

12:18amFinal update: TV news discontinuing coverage as another rumor spreads that it isn’t Chris Brown after all. See original report and updates up til this one below.

1:16am: Ended tragically, with suspect shooting himself. No report on if the shot was fatal, but was taken away in an LAFD ambulance with lights blazing, not a coroners van.

Per Twitter reports, suspect not Khaled, who is still in Miami.

2:13: The LA Times is reporting that the suspect is “A businessman of Pakistani origin,” and was taken away still alive in an ambulance.

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  1. but illinois plates? i’m rather certain neither chris brown or rihanna have any association to illinois. kanye west, perhaps? he seems like the high-speed-chase type.

  2. Info this am is that the drivers name is Mustafa Mustafa. He shot himself in the head after stopping and then died at the hospital later. The unusual name combination rings a bell, dk why though.

  3. When you make this David Markland is a racist statements what are you saying Lucinda, this is number two now. Is this real? And if it is, what are your reasons for making this statement.


  4. No, it’s not real…it’s an old joke. Markland’s no more a racist than I am Native American.

    (I’m not. at all.)

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