It Caught My Eye: Moonpie

Yep, I’m one of that certain percentage of us Los Angies who get antsy after more than a day or two of stuff in the air that occludes our ready visual access to other stuff up there — like the sun and blue sky and planets and stars and natural orbiting satellites…

… like the moon, for example.

Thus it was with shock and relief that I looked out my window this pre-dawn and grabbed my cam to debunk the rumors in my head that the moon had gone missing since Thursday and prove that in fact it is still up there in its usual place and shining like it was making up for lost time.

5 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Moonpie”

  1. We’ve had a couple of really cool moon rises peaking through the clouds the last few nights, never when I had a camera around to do anything with it. Nice catch. Thanks for sharing.

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