Found: Good sportsmanship in Kids sports here in LA

Adam's free throw after a WCS Spartan foul.
Adam takes his free throw afer a Spartan foul.

WCS Spartans, and I mean coach, players and parents deserve a round of applause.  I actually gave the coach and one parent a hand shake.  In all sincerity I was impressed by how they played and acted.  Yes, there were parents coaching from the sidelines, but it wasn’t mean and with malice towards our kids.  We’re all in competitive kid sports (basketball) but not everyone keeps sportsmanship in the equation like the WCS Spartans. 

This weekend my sons Santa Anita Mountaineers (SGV based) played the WCS Spartans (Carson based) in a very tough basketball game. What stopped me in my tracks is that one of the parents of a WCS Spartan player actually coached his son on how to make sure someone is OK when you accidentally foul and knock them to the ground.  How absolutely refreshing to see and hear that instead of the usual congratulatory praise when a strong player is taken out. (I’ve ranted about this and it happens more often than I care to see and tossing a dart…happens most often in the Orange County tournaments).

As a Mountaineer parent to the parents of the WCS Spartans, thanks for being such good sports and great competitors.

Pic by me with a point and squirt casio exlim.  Its the free throw after a foul by a WCS Spartan in the 12U (6th grade and younger) tournament this weekend.  It does get bigger with a click.