No to American Apparel; LA edges out OC in job losses

February 6, 2009 at 1:57 pm in Metroblogging Network

Two stories with an LA angle from Metblogs sites in Calif.:

* American Apparel gets  some flack in Los Angeles, mainly from people objecting to its sexually charged ads, or for what the arrival of one of its retail stores signals for a locally beloved commercial street balanced on the edge of transition. But overall, I get the sense of a certain hometown pride LA takes in the company’s success.

It’s not the case further north in California. San Francisco recently succeeded in stopping a fourth AA from opening. (Has this ever happened in LA?) SF Metblogs has the story.

* On OC Metblogs, Gina points out how Orange County ranks fifth in the nation for job losses, right behind fourth place LA County. So really, we’re both losers.

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