Doomies is back! (this weekend only)

DoomiesIf like me you are crying yourself to sleep every night over the loss of Doomies, you might get some solace this weekend! According to Doomies MySpace Page they will be serving a special menu tonight in Pasadena (Pasadena at 580 N. Lake St.) for a $5 donation. The Vegan Collection blog is also announcing that they will be serving food on Saturday and Sunday though I can’t find that info on Doomies own site. Either way, if you missed it before you have a limited chance at hand – don’t pass it up!

UPDATE: Weekend infos received (sort of). Saturday Doomies will be serving the goods from 3 – 8PM at 5140 Firestone Place in Southgate, CA (that’s between downtown and Compton in case you’ve never heard of it) and Sunday’s location is still not yet announced. 1770 glendale blvd. in 90026 (4pm to 10pm) Flyer for that with menues can be found after the jump. (Thanks Tom)

4 thoughts on “Doomies is back! (this weekend only)”

  1. I’m going to the Seven Generations show tonight and I’m trying to make the party tomorrow. AHHHH I miss Doomie’s so much.

    If I can make both, expect reviews here. :)

  2. the location was announced for sunday!
    1770 glendale blvd.
    los angeles, ca 90026
    4pm to 10pm

    i can’t wait!

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