More violent crime along the Hollywood Hills

This is another, sadly daily reminder to keep an eye out for your surroundings, especially late at night while walking to and from your car, regardless of neighborhood.

My neighborhood Senior Lead Officer for the LAPD, Officer Ralph Sanchez, ¬†relayed to me the story of a recent noontime mugging near Sunset and Ogden. The victim was jogging while wearing an iPod, which the thieves asked for at gunpoint along with his wallet… fortunately, in part because the jogger was able to give a good description the perps, they were apprehended almost soon thereafter.

While the guy wasn’t harmed, Officer Sanchez pointed out, “The victim said he was unaware he was being followed due to his Ipod turned up.”

The image added to this post was found across from the Celebrity Center, reporting of another armed robbery last Saturday.



I was robbed at gun point, while walking with one other person to my car on Bronson & Foothill Sat Feb 1 at 12:20am.

The suspect was a Hispanic, 5’10, mid 20s with chin length dark hair. He drove off on Foothill in a mid 90s white economy car.

There have been other reported robberies in this neighborhood matching this cars description.

In spite of the Mayor and Police Chief’s irresponsible prediction that crime would go down this year, stay vigilant and keep talking to your neighbors about suspicious activity and crimes in your area.

And don’t forget about tonite’s emergency special meeting to discuss the recent rash of muggings concentrated around Silver Lake. (LAist has great coverage with recent updates)