Isn’t Smoking in Restaurants Against the Law?

Last week I went to lunch with a friend at the News Cafe on Robertson.  I like the place because it’s one of the few places where I can go to get a fresh squeezed carrot/ginger/apple/lime juice, an organic steak sandwich that rocks and an espresso all under one roof.  I’m a freak for organic food and I don’t have steak more than every couple of months, so it’s really hard to eat one out… most places simply don’t have organic grain fed meat.

However, the whole experience was ruined by two Britney wannabe types smoking at the table in front of me.  Yes, I did sit on the patio, but it was enclosed by an awning and those plastic zip up sides, so in effect, we were surrounded by toxic smoke.

I couldn’t BELIEVE that anyone in this day and age would be so insensitive…. or that a restaurant that prides themselves on healthy food would even allow smoking.  Not to mention, it seems to be against the law.

I tried to bear it, but finally got up and very gently, very calmly asked the two girls if they would mind not smoking as it was really bugging us.  They rolled their eyes, stubbed out their cancer wands and sniffed, ‘well this is the smoking area’.

When I sat back down, BOTH tables on either side of us thanked me and said they hated smoking.

Then the waiter came over and rolled up the plastic sides and the bitch smoker heathens lit up again.  I sweetly talked to the manager, telling her that I was pretty sure it was against the law to allow smoking, even on a patio, especially since it was covered on virtually all sides by awning.  She said she agreed, but the owner didn’t prevent it…. so what could she do? I let her know she could tell idiots who smoke in public places to stop because all the other patrons hated it, but she just shrugged and gave me the owners email to complain to.

I’ve looked up the ordinance which clearly states that smoking is not allowed in any public space where there are employees…. does anybody out there know if this applies to restaurant patios?  I know that to smoke outside a public building, you have to be several feet away from the front door.

6 thoughts on “Isn’t Smoking in Restaurants Against the Law?”

  1. Yeah, what kedrowss said. It’s not illegal yet, but will likely become illegal at some point this summer. Smoking outside of a public building isn’t currently illegal either. You’re thinking of the ordinance restricting smoking outside of government buildings.

  2. yup, you’re right kedrowss… it’s the newsroom cafe on robertson. It seems like it’s in Bev Hills, but it may be in West Hollywood.
    The thing is, because the patio is so enclosed, it’s like being in a room with smoke. arggghhhh!

  3. it’s the newsroom cafe on robertson. It seems like it’s in Bev Hills, but it may be in West Hollywood.

    It’s in the city of Los Angeles. On that stretch of Robertson, one side of the street in Beverly Hills and one side is LA. It changes back and forth as you travel up and down Robertson.

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