One thought on “I hope you aren’t driving anywhere tonight”

  1. there’s also which I will be splitting out into smaller, less of a firehose feed, this weekend.

    Here are the areas that it will be split out into:
    Antelope Valley
    Baldwin Park
    Central Los Angeles
    East Los Angeles
    Fort Tejon
    Santa Fe Springs
    South Los Angeles
    Southern Division
    West Los Angeles
    West Valley

    Since I have been gathering the data, starting October 15th, there have been over 71,000 incidents, with only 62,781 as tweets (the others are all off freeways and there’s a 100 tweet limit per hour, which trafficla has hit 9 times.. heh. the worst was 12-15 during morning rush hour, 6-8 am, 392 incidents. And 12-15 was also the busiest day with 1,425 incidents that day alone… sheesh.. The day before Thanksgiving was second, with 1,369 incidents..

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