Bikerowave seeking new location!

February 5, 2009 at 6:55 pm in Biking in LA, West Side

Even though I’m an East-sider, I have frequented the Bikerowave fairly often. I did a couple Cubcamp rides and the now-infamous CubCamp Extra Credits Ride (Santa Barbara to Silverlake), which left from the Bikerowave. And in a world of ever-increasing capitalistic endeavors in our bicycle scene, it’s nice to know that there’s still a not-for-profit bicycle collective that exists solely to help people get on bicycles, regardless of how much money they have. (Props, of course, to both the Bicycle Kitchen and the Bike Oven, too!)


Workin on bikes at the Bikerowave

Workin' on bikes at the Bikerowave (Photo credit: Alex Thompson, licensed through Creative Commons.)

 The Bikerowave is now looking for a new space! According to co-founder Alex Thompson:

We seek 800+ sq. ft, with high ceilings, and potentially a store front.   Bikerowave is based in West LA, so locations West of the 405 and North of Washington Blvd are ideal.  Unfinished industrial space, and odd spaces are welcome.  Our present rent is $1350 per month, and we probably be unable to pay more than $2000 per month.  If you have resources or leads, please email [email protected].

I know it’s a rough time in our local and national economy, but if you spot any possible storefronts that might be perfect for the Bikerowave, drop them a line!

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