Attempted scam on my debit card via “robo-dial”

Picture it, after running around in circles all afternoon and finally home getting dinner on the table, my wife checks the answering machine.  It caused a mighty sphincter wink…damn that is all I need was my thought as she told me about the message:

Good afternoon this is your (garbled) bank fraud center.  Your debit card and linked accounts have been deactivated due to a fraudulent use of your card.  Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX immediately to review the activity and reopen your accounts.  Again this is your bank fraud center, your debit card and linked accounts have been deactivated.  Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX immediately to review the activity and reopen your accounts.There was a bit of panic.  Then we listened a 2nd and 3rd time.  The message started out scratchy so we couldn’t get the bank name.  It however was crystal clear with the content and phone #. (I’ve since lost the scrap she wrote it on).  WTF. I grabbed my wallet and check the back of my card.  The 800# it listed for customer service or to report fraud were not what was given on the message.

I called my real bank from the number on my debit card.  The Citibank rep was immediately helpful and asked a lot of questions regarding the message.  The showed NO holds or deactivation’s on my accounts or debit card.  She contacted her immediate manager who got involved and made calls while we were talking.  She even had me talk with the real fraud people.  Very thorough and efficient.  

Guess what the result was.  My account was completely clear of holds/deactivation and the balances I showed matched theirs.  All transactions were accurate.  There was no contact recorded, or reason to for that matter, by Citibank.  She said that my account was noted with my call today in the event we do have problems or other concerns.

She did say that we did the right thing by calling them direct from a known number provided by the bank on our cards.  I even sent them confirming emails via my citibank webmail attached to my account on their secure web and got the same confirmation and kept it for my own records.

My word of advice…do the same.  If you get a call from your “bank” on an answering machine, call from the numbers on your card.  If per chance you take the call live, get the callers info and tell them you will call them back on numbers you know to be accurate.

Any one else have that robo-dial happen to them yet?

One thought on “Attempted scam on my debit card via “robo-dial””

  1. I’ve received a number of similar calls, both on our two land lines and our cells. Sometimes it claims to be from an unidentifed bank, sometimes some other sort of business. In every case, it’s recorded call, asking us to call an 800 number. We also get a number of recorded sales calls, despite having all our numbers listed on the Do Not Call registry, which I suspect are coming from the same scammers. If we follow the instructions and hold for an operator, they hang up the moment we ask for any information — even if we’re only asking the name of the business.

    There’s clearly some sort of major fraud attempt going on, yet this is the first mention of it I’ve seen anywhere.

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