LA City Council Settles May Day Melee Lawsuits for Cool $12.85m

Remember the May Day Melee?  In a visible display of What Happens When LAPD Gets Scared of Large Gatherings, the police on duty monitoring the 2007 May Day rally in MacArthur Park launched an out of control, freaked out display of force in response to “agitators” who allegedly threw bottles at them.  As a result, nine separate lawsuits were filed against the city.  The LA City Council voted today to settle all nine for $12.85 million.   That is a lot of money.  In even worse news, it still has to deal with 27 other lawsuits stemming from the incident.  In even worser news, this settlement comes right after the City Council approved $20.5 million to settle a Rampart-related case brought by officers who claimed they were falsely arrested and otherwise mistreated.

In case you’re one of those types of people who think that immigration rally-goers deserve whatever punishment the riot-geared cops dole out, lest we forget the clip that forever erased all feelings of annoyance I’ve ever had towards one Ms. Christina Gonzalez of Fox 11, circa John Beard:


2 thoughts on “LA City Council Settles May Day Melee Lawsuits for Cool $12.85m”

  1. speaking of John Beard, didn’t they let him go ‘cuz he pulled too high a salary? You’re the expert so I figured you’d know…

  2. OH John Beard is definitely on my list. Why did they let him go? Is Carlos really that much better? Did he ever have a beard? Where’s his mustache? All these and more … stay tuned!!!

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