Indie 103.1 Lives! (kind of)

indie 103.1 iphone appAs you certainly know already Indie103.1 is off the airwaves in LA, but still broadcasting online. Which is great if you are sitting at a computer all day, but what if you are out in the wild somewhere? Well if you have an iPhone today is your lucky day. Thanks to Boogah for tipping me off to this Indie103.1 iPhone App (link goes to iTunes Store) which will play the stream right to your phone. It requires wi-fi or 3G though, just too much bandwidth needed for Edge. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Indie 103.1 Lives! (kind of)”

  1. For the past few months, I’ve been using a App from a French developer called “FStream.” What’s cool about that one, is that it not only accesses Indie 103.1’s stream, but anything offered on iTunes Radio. Which means I can listen to KCRW, Little Radio, KXLU, and the greatest pirate radio of them all: Pirate Cat!

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