15 thoughts on “Pseudo-celebrity parking tard”

  1. yeah Cutter…but maybe her implants were in the way and she couldn’t operate the steering wheel right?

    Great catch and mucho kudos to Cutter.

  2. Hmmm… Her wikipedia page says her license plate should read “ANGLYNE”. Could this be an impostor of a pseudo-celebrity?

  3. I think the Nature Mart attracts both parking and driving tards. As a pedestrian in the neighborhood, I’ve been nearly hit by tards going in and out of that parking lot multiple times.

  4. I see Rosh beat me to it. For years now, the vanity plate on Angelyne’s ‘vette has been ANGLYNE, not ANGELNN. (And I believe it was ANGLYN back in the days of six-letter license plates.) (Yes, I’m that old. :-))

    I suppose she might have changed it, though I don’t know why she would. I think I’m just not quite ready to wrap my brain around the idea of an Angelyne impostor.

  5. While I’d be even more excited by the idea of an Angelyne imposter (as would she) I’m sorry to report that Cutter witnessed Angelyne IN the store as well. I do believe hearing somewhere that she either replaced her other Corvette or purchased a second… if replaced, I’m curious why she didn’t just renew the plate?

  6. …and of course Cutter could never be fooled by an Angelyne impostor, right? :-)

    Seriously, anyone who’d go so far as to duplicate the pink ‘vette and imitate the vanity plate would undoubtedly have the blonde wig, the sunglasses, and the improbable pneumatic profile as well.

    (I do know that Angelyne swapped her 2004 ‘vette for a newer 2008 model not long ago, so maybe the plates were changed then.)

    (Please don’t ask how I know that. :-))

  7. Actually I was thinking that either she’s just really old or her medication renders her unable to park within the lines.

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