Vote on Solar Power in Los Angeles this March 3

February 2, 2009 at 8:42 pm in environment, LA, Politics, Utilities

On March 3, Los Angeles voters will be able to vote on a ballot measure that could significantly increase L.A.’s use of solar power.  So-called Measure B, the “Green Energy and Good Jobs for Los Angeles Program” (you want some crackers with that cheese?) would require the Department of Water and Power to “install, operate, maintain and repair and/or oversee the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of solar power installations within the City and on City-owned airports to meet specified goals regarding the production of electric generation ….”  The full text of Measure B is here.

In general, I think that increased use of solar power is a quadruple win-win:  it can create “green collar” jobs; it can help generate technology that can be sold overseas; it can reduce our dependence on foreign oil from nasty dictators; and it can reduce global warming.  However, there has been some disagreement about Measure B, including the process by which it was placed on the ballot.  More information about these disagreements can be found here and here.  So, instead of going all editorial on your asses, I encourage you to find out more about Measure B and make up your own minds.  And then, as always, I encourage you to vote on March 3.

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