Fuck. Doomies Closes.

DoomiesThat sound you just was the sound of a million vegans suddenly crying out in terror and then suddenly silenced. Or at least crying out on twitter. Doomie just posted the news on his MySpace blog:

Doomie’s is now CLOSED for business. We would like to think of it more as a hiatus as we are looking for a new place to relocate and planning on reopening, hopefully sometime by the end of the year. Until then, however, keep posted as we will give out details and any updates we may have.We’re working on having a whole lot more goodies and surprises on our reopening!

If you want to be put on our mailing list for any updates, send an email over to [email protected]
Also, if you have any parties or events that you would like catered, we’re still available for catering!

Thank you all for your support and your patronage during our first three months; we like to think of this as an appetizer to your vegan/vegetarian appetites . We’ll see you all soon!

-Doomie’s Home Cookin.

That good news that they are looking for a new place, and that they are still available for catering, but man the end of the year is a long way off. That said, the space they were in downtown was weird as hell and I often talked with people about how much better they would do if they were just in a better location. Fingers crossed for a speedy return!

In the meantime I’m thinking we need to have a big metblogs doomies dinner, right? Who is in??

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  2. haha, mark, I got the tip off from your twitter post! If only you came here first you could have beaten me. muhahaha

    also. FUCK!!!

    I’m serious about having a Doomies catered metblogs dinner. Seriously.

  3. Well if you wanna get technical, me and Quarrygirl both posted this news before all y’all, so there! ;)

    There needs to be some serious catering going on for sure. I won’t be the one to organized it, but I’ll gladly attend and eat all the food!

  4. Slightly related, but my wife and I had brunch at Cafe Muse in Hollywood on Sunday – hadn’t been there before. It’s good! Tons of vegan food, from donuts to Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. And in a cute little cafe setting run by a really nice lady.

    I only wish we could have tried Doomie’s before it closed…

    Oh, and also Cinnamon, all vegetarian Mexican in Highland Park is pretty nice.

  5. hey there! as foodeater said, we were on this yesterday and it is sad freaking news. we have a quarrygirl.com doomie’s catered event in the works, depending on how many people are down. i have about 10-15 people who have said they are IN, and i’ve contacted doomie’s but not heard back yet. we should all join forces and have an EPIC DOOMIE’S FEAST.

  6. Their food was solid. I’m glad I finally caught them while they were open.

    That bar space they used was awkward. Sure it allowed one to have a martini with that sloppy soy joe, but it just didn’t match the down-home-cooking style that Doomies was trying to offer. They’ll be back and better, I’m sure.

  7. I just decided to go vegetarian this weekend and was going through vegetarian/vegan restaurant reviews in the LA area and was excited to try Doomie’s this weekend. I am king of bad timing, I know it.

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