Be alert! – String of assaults in Silver Lake

Beware. A string of assaults has occurred in Silver Lake over the past few weeks. I received this email a few minutes ago from a friend. It makes a good argument for David Markland’s post a little further down the page about  LAPD implementing Twitter as a community tool.

Dear neighbors,

This past Friday January 30, a friend of mine was brutally assaulted walking from Blair’s near  Hyperion to Edendale Bar and Grill on Rowena. It was maybe between 11:30 PM or 12:30 AM near the West Silver Lake Street entrance on Rowena.  He was pulled into the back of a dark driveway, had a gun pressed against his temple and then savagely thrown to the ground and beaten, crushing his left cheek; he blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened next. He couldn’t see both suspects but got a look at one who he describes as a tall, young Hispanic male.

Larry was rushed to Kaiser on Sunset and when the police came, one exclaimed that this was the 9th such assault by the same suspects in 2 weeks in the Silver Lake area, almost one assault a day!!!  The police also said they were just there the night before with another victim who had his face sliced from the corner of his eye to the the corner of his mouth by the same SOB, they also said they (the police) were on it.

I think if they were truly “on it” we SL residents would have been warned somehow, either by fliers or a news blurb.  My friend is puzzled by the attack and thinks it’s a hate crime since they didn’t take his wallet nor his watch but isn’t quite sure.  I am scared but really really pissed at the police for keeping the 9 assaults, one after the other, on the down-low, so I’m going to spread the word somehow and someway.

A friend and I are making fliers and going to some of the neighborhood bars, cafes and stores and posting warnings.  If you have any ideas– contacting the news, email blasts etc., let me know or just help spread the warning any way you know how.

PS.  Another female dog-owner/friend on Michelterona and Sunset was sexually assaulted 3 weeks ago at 7:30 PM by a tall white male with shoulder length hair.  He didn’t care if she had her 140 lbs dog with her, he grabbed her from behind, pushed her up against a wall and began to fondle her and only let go when he saw a family walking towards them down the hill from Micheltorena.

I apologize for all the somber news but I’m sure you’d rather be safe than sorry.

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  1. Chal, thanks for sharing. This really illustrates nicely the power of blogs and the ‘net for getting information out faster, and often uncensored in first person voice far faster than traditional outlets. Does your friend know any other specific locations to help outline the area affected more speficially?

    In my corner several of us have informational blogs that we use to tie in with neighborhood watch to share crime patterns and trends we see going on.

  2. Thanks, Frazgo. The locations listed are very specific and anyone who knows the area can pinpoint where these events are happening. I also alerted the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council representative of that particular area, which is Region 6.

  3. Ugh, how awful. Thanks so much for sharing this information, Chal. I live on the border of Silver Lake and Los Feliz and find this news very upsetting. I agree the community has a right to know about these types of disturbing developments.

  4. I always take rumor with a grain of salt, but looking up the stats on, it sure looks plausible.

    You should try and find out who the Senior Lead Officers are for these areas for more info…

  5. Good info. Thanks, Chal. As a new (this weekend) resident of Silver Lake, I’ll be on the lookout. Forewarned is forearmed.

  6. We’re up on Descanso off of Sunset, and we’ve had some recent crime stuff happening too, like my neighbor’s car being stolen from right in front of our duplex a few weeks ago, a LOT more gang tagging going on, and I’ve called the police once recently about a bunch of shady guys who were loitering on one of the stairwells leading down to Sunset. (probably the people doing the tagging)

    The cop who was helping file the report for my neighbor’s car mentioned that when the economy goes down, petty theft goes way up, so to keep an eye out (we’re considered on the “edge” of silverlake- our police calls go to Rampart, even though we’re across the street from La Parilla/Dustys.)

  7. Just went to post this same email and realized Chal beat me to it.

    For extra reference, folks might want to checkout

    And in any case, watch your backs. Silver Lake’s a happy “safe” yuppie enclave that just happens to be part of one of the more violent cities in the U.S.

  8. I got this email, too. As an Echo Park resident, it’s upsetting to read about. But can’t someone over at Metblogs talk to the LAPD? I love your blog, but in a situation like this the neighborhood needs facts, not “guesses that this is a hate crime.” And to blame the police for not talking to the media? What media? You are the media…We all should be trying to find what exactly the story is..



  9. Why don’t these assaults show up on the lapd crimemaps site? Is there a lag time before they post? I searched January 23- Feb 1st and it didn’t show any assaults in this area.

  10. i’m a parent of a 16 yr. old daughter, we live in silver lake, and my daughter is always going for long walks ALONE with her camera but i will put an end to that after reading this…thank you so much for sharing this vital imformation…please send my best to your friends and tell them i wish them both speedy recoveries…

  11. I think if they were truly “on it” we SL residents would have been warned somehow, either by fliers or a news blurb. I am scared but really really pissed at the police for keeping the 9 assaults, one after the other, on the down-low…

    You can blame election politics for that. Bratton and Villardonothing aren’t about to do anything that might discredit their bullshit “crime is down” meme. Violent crime is up 10% so far this year but of course, they didn’t hold any press conference to inform us about it. Once the mayoral election is over, they’ll come begging again for more money to hire police & fire before placing yet another tax measure on the ballot.

    I myself have been mugged twice at gunpoint (San Francisco & Oakland) but luckily escaped both times with my life.

    Where’s Paul Kersey when we need him? ; )

  12. Ugly, thanks for that chart, but it only says violent crime went up 4%. Aggravated assaults are up 10%, and homicides up 27%, but slightly less rapes and robberies, averaging violent robberies to 10%. (all data compared to 2008).

  13. Can anyone confirm these assaults? I’m not saying they didn’t happen, but it’s odd there is no record on them at the LAPD site. Are people saying the LAPD are covering them up?

  14. Again, seems to corroborate the info.
    BTW, I do think a “competing” blog that also received the email is looking into the details, and will be reporting on it shortly.

  15. Good work, Chai.
    However, if you keep referring to Silver Lake and Echo Park inaccurately as the “eastside,” you’ll damage the credibility of your journalism and be labeled a n00b.


  16. CD4, Tom LaBonge and the LAPD is hosting a mtg on this issue.

    Los Angeles Police Department
    Office of the Fourth Council District
    Office of the Thirteenth Council District
    Invite you to a Special Silver Lake Community Meeting

    Thursday, February 5, 2009
    6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Ivanhoe Elementary School
    2828 Herkimer Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90039

    All neighborhood residents are invited to discuss recent crime activity in
    the Silver Lake community.

    For additional information, please contact the Office of Councilman Tom
    LaBonge at (213) 485-3337.

  17. babamoto, whether or not Silver Lake should be considered “East Side” is a longrunning debate, even among old timers.

    I should remind you, though, that since your posts clearly identify you as babamoto, signing off comments with your name is a bit n00bish, IMHO. (that out of the way, I agree with you that Silver Lake ISN’T the east side).

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