Wildlife incursions into suburbia warrants MPD “robo-dial”

With the extended drought in the foothills the critters are coming down in larger numbers looking for food.  Today Monrovia PD issued another warning on the coyotes in the area.  Paraphrasing as I never learned shorthand or dictation:

” Good afternoon, this is a Public Safety Announcement from the Monrovia Police Department.  Monrovia Animal Control has identified 2 coyotes that have lost their natural fear of humans.  They are found around the Grand Avenue Park and wander several blocks in all directions.

Monrovia Police Department asks that you watch your surroundings at all time.  MPD asks that you watch your small children and animals at all times when they are outdoors.

Monrovia Police Department and the California Department of Fish and Game are working together for a resolution.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact the Monrovia Police Department at: 626-256-8000″

I live only a few blocks from Grand Avenue Park and last weekend on two occasions we have had coyotes on the street.  My son Joey and I were coming back from his basketball practice at 8PM and followed one on the car and spooked him off.  2 doors down Laurie spooked a coyote getting into her cat-food or after the cat.

I have to give the folks at Monrovia Police Department some props.  We get “robo-dial” messages on issues of public safety when problems arise.  This is not the first time we have received such a warning in the last few months.  I do like the warning when something unusual is happening as it is nice to know the abnormal risk we are facing.  Now can we have some rain to break the drought and bring back their natural food supplies.

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  1. I was surprised to see a coyote running down my block in South Pasadena yesterday. Eight years of living in that place, and I’d never seen a coyote in my neighborhood before.

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