Gelato jones leads to discovery

You know that scene near the beginning of Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories, where he gazes, alone, from inside an empty, quiet train across the tracks at another train wherein a raucous party is taking place, its cacophony absolutely silent to him? That’s what I thought of last night, but in reverse, during a late night run to quell a gelato craving.

We started out at Pazzo Gelato, in Silver Lake on Sunset Junction, where I declared their mascarpone, orange and fudge swirl flavor the absolute pinnacle achievement of Modern Dessert Science. (I had it two days in a row.)

Sitting at an outdoor able with our cups of sweetness and Gina, the doggie, we peered across Sunset to the fairly new Naturewell shop, also brightly lit and still open at 10:30 PM, but not drawing nearly the throng that was clustered at Palazzo.

“What exactly is ‘organic bulk & wellness?'” I wondered to the bf and Gina. Turns out it’s a smoothy bar, with an assortment of decent looking pastries, but the interesting thing is, they also stock a good selection of whole grains, beans and granola that they sell in bulk. Not exactly what I was looking for at that very moment, but good to know.

Gina gets a taste.
Gina gets a taste.

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3 thoughts on “Gelato jones leads to discovery”

  1. Trivia FYI–in that scene in Stardust Memories, the blond woman in the other train Woody is looking at is Sharon Stone in her first film appearance.

  2. I got the same “Stardust Memories” sensation from Scoops Friday night looking across Heliotrope into a bustling Pure Luck. But I didn’t linger lest the pint of mango/guavo sorbet melt on the ride home.

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