Ghost Restaurant of Union Station: Harvey House

thank you Vix
photo by Vix

Thanks to Vix over at her “History, Los Angeles County” blog I’ve discovered yet another restaurant at Union Station. At first, I assumed Traxx had been built within the old “Harvey House,” but upon inspection it appears as if Vix’s photos of the deserted Harvey House date from 2007, while Traxx opened in 1997.

courtesy of Harvey House fan site

Apparently Harvey House is now used primarily for wedding receptions and the like. This evening while we’re at Traxx for Classic Eats I hope to sneak in to the former Harvey House location and snap some pics.

I’m also intrigued by Union Station’s Union Station’s environs’ former occupants, the original citizens of LA’s first Chinatown (now relocated several blocks to the northeast) and am grooving on this great collection of images of relics unearthed from beneath the station, from opium bowls to Bromo-Seltzer bottles.

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  1. What a cool discovery! Do they have a little museum there? Good luck on your spy mission, can’t wait to see your pix!

    Dave, I think he’s saying part of Chinatown was on the land under the station before it was built.

  2. Fred Harvey pretty much had the station accomodations wrapped up for years along the various rail routes. He even had most of the National Park concessions. All with exclusive contracts. Quite the monopoly, but many turned out to be quite elegant.

    Of course those of us who had the displeasure of being in a Fred Harvey company town such as Furnace Creek had another name for him “frakking fred harvey” is the cleanest I can give you. Those of us there despised the man and his monopoly making life so expensive.

  3. We held our wedding reception at the old Union Station Fred Harvey restaurant in 2002. Worked out perfect — there’s a bar on the side for the pre-reception cocktails; and the place is so wonderfully designed that we didn’t have to spend much on decorations. Highly recommend it for events!

  4. Hey Lucinda, I’ve got a source for some AMAZING photos and film showing the original Chinatown location
    (now Union Station). I’m a big silent film and Hollywood film history buff, and a couple of years ago I picked up a book titled: Silent Traces: Discovering Early Hollywood Through the Films of Charlie Chaplin. (John Bengtson)
    This photo book includes images and maps of film locations Chaplin used in L.A. back in the 1910’s including Old Chinatown. Have a look, better yet, pick it up, I highly recommend it for a unique look at our then “young” city.
    I also have most of the films depicted in my personal collection. I’m hoping to present a few at an upcoming
    “Chaplin Films shot in Echo Park” film festival to be screened at the park itself later this year. :)

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