Obama commemorative plates by Shepard Fairey

Move over, Franklin Mint. A Los Angeles consortium called Ten Over Six, along with something called The Future Perfect in illustrious Brooklyn, is offering these exquisite Obama commemorative plates designed by Shepard Fairey and his Studio Number One, “of Obama Giant fame,” and “who gained international design acclaim with their Obama ‘Hope’ posters,” they tell us, for the amazing low price of $89 for the pair (or just three easy payments of $29.66!)

Own, and eat off of, a piece of history.

4 thoughts on “Obama commemorative plates by Shepard Fairey”

  1. I’m pretty certain Shepard didn’t design these – very much not his style, and incredibly hokey. “Osheezy?”

    The copy mentions “Studio One founded by Shepard Fairey” but this doesn’t appear to be a design credit, and his name doesn’t appear on the sites list of designers.

  2. evan LOL! That’s a pretty big shark too!

    Even if Shep didn’t design them, he still put his name on them (even worse imho). Are they fine china or melamine? When does his line of Obama water come out?

  3. The person who answered the phone at Studio One told me that the plate was not designed by Shepard himself, but refused to answer any questions as to who the designer would be. She sent me to the voicemail of someone who might be able clarify, but I haven’t heard back in a couple hours.

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