US Bank Tower security challenges photographers on a public sidewalk

January 22, 2009 at 6:20 pm in Downtown, Law, Twitter

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Last Sunday a group of photographers were confronted by security outside of the US Bank Tower, who tried to stop them, citing 9/11. Even after conceding that the photographers were shooting from a public sidewalk, security continued to argue that they were totally in the right.

Blogger Discarted captured and added commentary to the video, above… more details at his site. (h/t LA Observed)

What do you think: are these photographers just looking for trouble and should stop shooting from public sidewalks when security asks? Is the security guards’ argument that they’re just doing their jobs legit, First Amendment be damned?

On a similar note, Anthony Citrano grumbles that security at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier told him to stop shooting as his camera appeared to be professional… although in this case, he was on private property.

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