Metro’s Runaway Gold Line

January 22, 2009 at 5:24 pm in Mass Transit, Twitter

Rendering of Possible Alameda Gold Line Station,

in Beautiful Downtown… Azusa???

Metro had another meeting today. They decided to move forward with Westward extensions of the Red & Purple Lines to somewhere, a Downtown Connector, further extension of the Gold Line from East L.A., and the Orange Line train bus to Chatsworth. Super. Start building the damned things already.

Just one question… Why is L.A. still ignoring one of the fastest-growing traffic nightmares in the city?

101-134-210. It’s not code. It’s three major freeways that bridge the gap between the two Valleys. Van Nuys. Sherman Oaks. Studio City. Universal City. Burbank. Glendale. Pasadena. Major job centers. Thousands of motorists playing a daily game of car jockey at 15mph.

Why isn’t the city addressing this region with any sort of urgency? Why aren’t there at least discussions on the table about a Metro Rail link between the San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel?

I went back to Metro’s Long Range Transportation Plan to see if I missed something when it first came out.

Tier 2: Candidates for Further Project Definition
SR-134 Transit Corridor BRT between Metro Red Line North Hollywood Station and Metro Gold Line Del Mar Station

BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit. This means they want you to take a bus. A bus from the Red Line subway in NoHo to the above-ground Gold Line in Pasadena. A bus that will sit in the exact same traffic that you’re already in, staring at the exact same tail lights. A bus that is, at best, only being “considered” as a “candidate for further project definition.”


Anyone that commutes along the 101-134-210 corridor will tell you what a disaster it is. Especially, when you get to Glendale. Friggin’ Glendale. And it isn’t going to get any better.

What makes the suggestion for BRT even more ridiculous is the fact that a few are still pushing for a Gold Line extension… to Azusa, and beyond. Projected ridership for that extension? A whopping 9,500 passengers a day.

Maybe before we go extending the Gold Line all the way across state borders, we should establish a more vital East-West component of the Metro Rail Network. One that is closer to where more people actually live and work. Extend the Gold Line – or Red Line – from Pasadena to Universal City. Then, under or over, Ventura Boulevard to Sherman Oaks, where it will connect with an eventual North-South rail line along the 405 corridor.

Maybe I’m out of line here. Again. Maybe more people want to visit Duarte and La Verne by way of rail. Maybe nobody really lives or works in little towns like Van Nuys or Studio City. Maybe it would be a whole lot more fun to someday take Metro to Rancho Cucamonga and go shopping at the mall.

Or, maybe the Valley needs to help put a leash on old Yeller before it leaves the yard for good.

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