The indie rock still lives…win tix to Autolux & Delta Spirit.

I’m about as heartbroken as I’ve ever been (and man, that is some serious heartbreak) about Indie 103.1’s demise, but, well, I still have these tickets to give away. I’m too bummed to get all huckstery and clever to sell ’em, so really, if you want ’em, just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about (R.I.P.) Indie 103.1 and I’ll get back to a few winners.

Autolux with Wooden Ships at the Fonda, 1/17
and we still have tix to The Delta Spirit with Everest at the El Rey, 1/16.

Represent, indie rock lovers.

4 thoughts on “The indie rock still lives…win tix to Autolux & Delta Spirit.”

  1. First time I tuned in these were the first 4 songs I heard:
    Stooges- Search And Destroy
    Black Flag- Rise Above
    Sonic Youth- Teenage Riot
    X- I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
    That is my best memory of tuning into ANY radio station.

    …And of course JONESY’S JUKEBOX

    I would like Autolux if I am so lucky!

  2. Plain and simple, Indie 103.1 exposed me to a lot of different music I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. They sponsored a lot of really good shows and generally contributed to me having a good time and giving me a lot of good memories. So for that I’m thankful to them.

    I’d also pick Autolux, if I was so lucky to be picked.

  3. I thank Indie 103.1 for all the work you guys put into making this LA music scene what it is. Without Indie i would have never heard of some of my favorite bands of today. I also how they were really focused on exposing young, upcoming, local talent. Thanks for all the good music and programs.

    PS. If you have any more Delta Spirit tickets for tomorrow, i would really like to go to that show.


  4. all i want to say is that i was first introduced to indie 103.1 when i saw kinky in santa monica. im really open minded when it comes to music and thanks to indie i got to be exposed to A LOT of good music that i can share with my friends. Indie took the way music is viewed and my love for it to another level.

    Hope to get delta spirit tix.


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