BREAKING: Indie 103.1 No More?

January 15, 2009 at 10:20 am in Music, News, Radio, Twitter

Twitter is abuzz with news that Indie 103.1 is seizing their broadcast on that frequency.

RT @vickistep just says “Thanks to everyone who made Indie 103.1 possible. We love you all.” new splash page on says 30 days until something. hmm???

UPDATE: Indie’s Tedd Roman Twittered “Rumor is the sation will now be El Gato 103.1.”

UPDATE 2: RT @TeddRoman: It’s official. All jocks cleaning out offices, lockers, etc. Online will be no DJs as of right now. Spanish flip tomorrow afternoon

UPDATE 3: RT @TeddRoman: This is posted on the Indie studio door.

UPDATE 4: RT @TeddRoman: About to turn the keycard in to HR and grab a final check. FRANTICALLY attempting rips of EVERY possible album in to my computer.

UPDATE 5: RT @TeddRoman: The shelves are quickly being emptied. We are all in shock. I feel like I need to puke.

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