Another Reason to Hate Cats: El Gato 103.1

Radio Insight chimes in on the flip of Indie 103.1 to Radio El Gato.

A pair of domains: and were registered to Entravision in late December. The former points to an Under Construction page for the new station, while the latter redirects to a sister station in Sacramento.

Last week Entravision shuffled formats at a bunch of their stations nationwide. Many switched from its Spanish CHR “Super Estrella” format to Adult Hits “Jose”. In El Paso, TX one of the stations, 94.7 KSYE debuted the new “El Gato” format. Billboard described the format as such:

Featuring contemporary regional Mexican music, “El Gato” debuted on KYSE El Paso (94.7 FM) on Jan. 6 and plays music by acts such as Horóscopos de Durango, Intocable and K-Paz de la Sierra.

It also includes Entravision show “Erazno y Chokolata” in the afternoons.

Indie 103.1 is one of the most critically acclaimed radio stations in America and it will be interesting to see if any of its elements are able to transition elsewhere.

Have a nice day, listeners.

15 thoughts on “Another Reason to Hate Cats: El Gato 103.1”

  1. Tis a shame – before I heard what the format was, I was briefly holding out hope that this would be Latino Rock, such as MTV Tres. Some good stuff out there.

  2. Crap. This makes me horribly sad. I have enjoyed Indy 103.1 and will miss it when it goes.

  3. I can’t say I’ll miss indie too much. When at it’s onset I actually heard heard stuff that was new to me, in the past months they were nearly indistinguishable from KROQ. On the plus side, I don’t have to listen to indie’s self indulgent DJs anymore (Jonesy and Camp Freddy Radio, I’m looking at you — If I wanted talk radio, I’d tune in to talk radio).

  4. That is so sad. Electricgrandma’s protests notwithstanding, there will now no longer be anywhere on the radio you can hear: The Buzzcocks, Gang of Four, Jonathan Richman, PiL, X… The list is long. True, these aren’t groundbreaking tunes, but they’re not being played anywhere else and I’m sad that I will no longer be surprised by “New Rose” or “Lust for Life” or something like that. sniff.

  5. Format changes are the shits. But ultimately they are in business to make a buck and the hispanic market is growing and they want their share.

    Still is chicken shit…how do we change their name to that in spanish?

  6. I can’t be certain, but it seems like browne’s comment is attempting to paint Jason as having a problem with the Spanish language and those who speak it, and maybe he would be more comfortable in Maine, where things might be a bit more homogenous. I think browne has missed the point entirely.

    I expect that the reason Jason (and others) lament the passing of Indie 103.1 is that it was a station that was unique in the L.A. radio market. No one else was playing the music that got played there. I don’t think Jason (and others) are saying Spanish language radio is bad; just that there are already numerous other Spanish stations in L.A., and it is unfortunate to lose a station that was so unique in favor of a station that will join a growing group of stations already playing similar music.

    Of course, I don’t mean to put words in anyone’s mouths. That’s just my take on it.

  7. Actually, Burns!, you’re spot on.

    My posts about Indie had nothing to do with the station flipping to Spanish. I love that a few people have decided to turn this into and English vs. Spanish debate.

    Being that I am half my family is Spanish-speaking, that’s like Thanksgiving back home.

  8. “Being that I am half my family is Spanish-speaking, that’s like Thanksgiving back home.” Jason Burns

    I can’t believe you keep using that. You know half of David Ehrenstein family is black, but that doesn’t stop him from calling Obama “a magic negro” or implying other vile things about him, so what if you are the ethnic group that you are talking about that’s not a save. Are you implying that only white people can be prejudice?


  9. I keep using that, Browne, because my family is still half white and half Puerto Rican. I’m pretty sure that’s permanent.

    Regarding your implied charge of racism… again, this post is about a critically-acclaimed and fan favorite radio station changing format. This is not about race.

    In the future, please be careful about making such a charge.

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