ICME: The Grass is ALWAYS Greener

I did a double take on my morning constitutional as I walked by this section of grass a few blocks from my house. That’s not grass, baby, that’s some high quality faux turf. And I must say, well done neighbor. No water or maintenance needed and your hellstrip always looks fresh and tidy.

3 thoughts on “ICME: The Grass is ALWAYS Greener”

  1. They do that in Las Vegas, they have for years. Heat and smog tend to make it very pale very quickly. Krylon spray on to the rescue. Not kidding…that was the common cure when I lived in LV all those years ago.

  2. I came across a patch of this stuff on Barrington just south of Pico last week. Oddly disturbing when you’re not expecting that crunch beneath your feet.

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