The French Are Coming! The French Are Coming!

In addition to the fine slate of Oscar nominees gracing screens around town, LA is¬†hosting a mini-French invasion it seems. A Louis Malle double feature screens tonight at the New BevThe Fire Within and Murmur of the Heart. Truffaut’s The Wild Child is one of the Nuart’s movies this week and the Aero is having an all-Truffaut-all-the-time weekend with a half dozen films running the 16th through the 18th, capping off with Confidentially Yours on the 21st. And then my favorite bit of news: Godard’s Made in USA, which, ironically enough,¬†was never officially released in the US, will be at the Nuart for a week beginning the 16th. Magnifique!

(Eiffel Tower picture courtesy martinos79)

2 thoughts on “The French Are Coming! The French Are Coming!”

  1. Holy crap, “Made in USA.” I thought it would never get shown here because of copyright clearances…the one Godard movie I’ve been waiting forever to see!

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