Down With Pants!

It seems a lot of people have been taking to the streets lately.  This past week it was Israelis and Palestinians, gathering on Wilsire Blvd. to protest the situation in Gaza.  Continuing since before November’s election both sides of Prop 8 have demonstrated to express their point of view.  What do these and other demonstrations have in common?  Anger, strife, and feelings of injustice, to name a few.  Wouldn’t it be nice to join a large group of people on the streets of L.A. all on the same side of an issue, not decrying an injustice, but engaging in pure joy, sharing that joy with everyone around them?  The day for that demonstration has come, and it is Saturday, January 10.

Tomorrow is Global No Pants Day 2009.  Created in New York City eight years ago by Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd, No Pants Day has spread to 25 cities in nine countries around the world.  Los Angeles will join in the fun beginning at 2:00pm on Metro’s Red Line (okay, not the “streets” of L.A., but close.)  More complete details can be found on the Los Angeles No Pants 2k9 Facebook event page, but the basic idea should be pretty self-evident.

So, come out and join me for a pantsless subway ride. If you do, please remember this important point from the Facebook page: “…this obviously means no pants, but DEFINITELY (wear) underpants!”

(I know it’s late and this is short notice.  Hey, it’s my first day.  More notice for upcoming events, I promise.)

4 thoughts on “Down With Pants!”

  1. Thanks for the clarification on the undies.
    At least we have the weather to pull it off, NY, Chicago or Minneapolis…total turtle time for us men folk.

  2. No kidding, Fraz. I read on the Improv Everywhere site that Charlie Todd says this is the first year they’ll have snow for No Pants Day in NYC. I’ve been in NYC in January with no snow, and there’s no WAY I’d be dropping trou there today.

    On the upside, we’re expecting a high of 74f in L.A. today. Will you be joining me, sans pants?

  3. “Welcome aboard,” Burns, and funny post. I think that poor guy stuck upside down and de-pantsed on the ski lift got a head start on the protest.

  4. Thanks, Matt. The photos of that guy on the ski lift were awful! It took quite a while to get him down, and they just let him hang there with his bare butt hangin’ out. In all that time, didn’t one of his “rescuers” think to offer their jacket (or something) to wrap around that poor guy’s waist?

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