Vote now for LA Metblogs’ Grinch of the Year!

Oh, LA Grinches, don’t think we forgot about you! The holiday glow isn’t enough to let us here at Metblogs forget about you nasty, wasty skunks and decide who among you we’d least like to touch with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

Vote now! The dishonoree will be announced Tuesday, January 6th.

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Note: While all readers can vote, only votes made by “registered” Metblogs readers will count in the final announcement. This is a small effort to avoid ballot stuffing. Registration is of course free and easy – to ensure your vote is truly counted, log in or register here.

The nominees are…

Sam Zell, for continuing to run the LA Times into the ground. While the newspaper remains profitable, owner Zell’s other investments haven’t been going so well leading to massive staff reductions at the Los Angeles institution, not to mention cutting severance packages to previously laid off workers.

-While not specific to LA County directly, donors and backers of Proposition 8 had a huge impact on the large openly gay population in and around the City of Angels. Locally, the face of Proposition 8 bigotry belonged to El Coyote owner/employee Marjorie Christoffersen for donating $100 to the Yes On 8 campaign. Christoffersen quit her job following a boycott of the restaurant, telling gay customers that she didn’t want to hurt them, but refused to apologize for the donation, citing her Mormon faith. Because, apparently, there is nothing more Christian than denying homosexuals the pursuit of happiness.

-“LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge, self-proclaimed Patron Saint of Cycling, for banning cyclists from the Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival. He first decommissioned the Crystal Springs bike lane in order to create another lane for motor vehicles and then surveyed his handiwork, proclaiming a ban on cyclists saying ‘it’s no longer safe for cyclists because of all of the motor vehicle traffic!'” -Stephen Box.

Bruce Pardo may have actually out-Grinched the Grinch. While the figure from Dr. Seuss’s imagination disguised himself as Santa before pillaging Christmas decor and presents from Whoville, Pardo donned a Santa suit before crashing his ex-wife’s Christmas Eve party and shooting dead 9 family members, then burning down the home with a homemade flamethrower covered in wrapping paper. Pardo planned to escape to Utah, but killed himself apparently after sustaining burns while setting the fire.

-Spencer Cross wrote, “LAUSD Supt. David Brewer, for refusing to step down in face of pressure from a coalition of school board members, city officials and community activists.”  Dorit adds, “for being so unable to do the job he was hired for and not being man enough to step down.” Despite immense pressure to step down, Brewer was eventually bought out of his contract at a cost of $500,000 to already cash strapped Los Angeles taxpayers.

3 thoughts on “Vote now for LA Metblogs’ Grinch of the Year!”

  1. Whew…I was getting worried. Even though Pardo is the big news the most consistent damage to teachers and students takes place at the hands of LAUSD. That’s our future he’s screwing with so he gets my vote.

    Pardo will be old news by 1/20/09. LAUSD mess will be around in the news for years to come.

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