Housing Market Crash Hits Carbon Beach

Blonde and dog not included
Blonde and dog not included

Now I know the Los Angeles area housing market has crashed.  According to Dream Homes Los Angeles Magazine (which isn’t really a magazine, just a collection of glossy “homes for sale” ads), this home on uber-property Carbon Beach in Malibu is going for the fire sale price of $32 million.  In the back is an 80-foot stretch of “Billionaire’s Beach.” That comes to just $400,000 per foot of shoreline.  I think I’m going to sell my stock in sand.

(Photo of Carbon Beach by Matt Mason)

4 thoughts on “Housing Market Crash Hits Carbon Beach”

  1. I would like to haggle over including the blonde in the asking price. Only seems fair. (Current owner can retain rights to the dog, however, I will make that concession)

  2. Rodger your comments came off as sexist in the “aw shucks 1950s” way, which isn’t good. I get it was joke, just saying it is almost 2009.

  3. Browne, Matt’s humorous caption was the catalyst for the comment; if you’re going to go all PC Humor Patrol on us you should be all inclusive.

    Matt, how dare you provoke such a response from me. Don’t ever do that again.

  4. I have to agree with Rodger. He was just riffing off of my sexist caption. And if you really want to be accurate, the caption was dogist too.

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