Paris in LA

I was downtown a couple of nights ago and came across this beautiful display o’ lights strung up on 4th and Main.  Quite stunning.  Apparently they came all the way from Paris… and they look it.  If you like Christmas displays, downtown seems to be rockin’ this year.  And I found some cool stores and restaurants on 4th… Check it out, that little section of LA seems to be really lighting up!

3 thoughts on “Paris in LA”

  1. Tom Gilmore bought the lights from a company in Italy, not Paris. He has enough of them to light the next block as well, which they will do next year when the new building is built on the north side of 4th east of Main Street.

  2. My wife literally squeals with delight every time we turn the corner and those lights come into view. Very much looking forward to two blocks worth of them next year!

  3. ahhhhh. Italy! I love them no matter where they came from! My friend told me they were from Paris…. but no matter where they originated from, they are beautiful and delight me so! Thanks for the info Bert… and I can’t wait to see more!

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