icme: Rudolf taking care of business

Tonight was our annual Christmas Dinner with our neighbors, actually close enough to be family, Bill and Stacey.  After dinner we cruise on up to Upper Hasting Ranch of Pasadena, along with several hundred other carloads of families to check out the holiday lights.   Each street is themed, snowmen, santa, elves etc.,.

This year we broke up into 2 cars.  A “girls” car and a “boys” car.  I had the latter.  It was 3 boys 11, 13 and 15 who still revel in potty humor.  As we rounded the corner up on one of the streets the theme was “Rudolf”, you know the red nosed reindeer kind.  All of a sudden there was this rising staccato of giggles and guffaws. Given the potty humor coming out of the back seat I kept quiet, my wife however had to ask what was so funny this time.

“Rudolf is taking a dump” was the chorus from the back.  I had to laugh, my wife was not as amused.

Happy Holidays all.  The fraz and fam got last minute scheduling done and are off to LV for the Holiday with relatives.  Should be fun.  Should be very cold…and my kids will get skiing lessons if I am lucky and the roads to the local slopes are open.

Pic by me with the trusty phonecam.

4 thoughts on “icme: Rudolf taking care of business”

  1. “It was 3 boys 11, 13 and 15 who still revel in potty humor.”

    What do you mean “still?” Was I supposed to have stopped laughing at poop jokes somewhere along the way? Oops.

  2. Nah, there’s a difference between enjoying a good poop joke and reveling to the exclusion of all else. Mom’s rarely appreciate the latter.

  3. Ah, I see the distinction. No worries. In another couple of years, those boys will discover old George Carlin records. Then their comedic repertoire will expand to poop jokes *and* frequent use of the F-word. Enjoy!

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