NY Times rates LAX restaurants

In the NY Times Travel section on Sunday, an article by Matt Gross about airport dining chills and thrills  pointed out three restaurant options when passing through LAX.

Using words and phrases like “purgatorial gloom,” “disheartening,” “lacked any recognizable flavor,” “$71!” and “the waiter kept calling me ‘chief’ and ‘boss'” — well, you get the idea.

While Gross mentioned two restaurants inside the terminal that sound disappointing even by airport standards, one of them, Encounter, might be worth checking out for a drink just to take in its Jetsons-esque kitsch.

The third? It involves taking a parking shuttle to get to an In-N-Out Burger joint on Sepulveda.

6 thoughts on “NY Times rates LAX restaurants”

  1. I heard from a friend that the bar there is like walking into the Jetsons living room. We’re organizing a field trip to find out for sure.

  2. I haven’t been there in about 9 or 10 years, but yeah, “Jetsons living room” is an accurate description. I remember the place had a funky neon purple glow, and the elevator played some weird chime when the doors closed, like the love child of the Mac chime and Ming the Merciless. All that was missing (or maybe it wasn’t, I can’t remember for sure) was Esquivel! playing on the sound system. However, after part of the structure fell apart some years back, they’ve rebuilt the place, and I don’t know if it’s the same as I remember.

    It’s way overpriced in terms of the quality of the food/drink, but it’s worth going at least once just for the kitsch factor. At least it’s more interesting than how it was back in to 70s (I went once back then too), I guess.

  3. Encounter’s website has a link to a creepy virtual tour on their “Genesis” page. Genesis? That must be the futuristic (yet biblical) term for “About.”

  4. You know, I heart the NY Times. And NYC, for that matter, but the Times writers have a serious complex when it comes to Los Angeles. They are always taking cheap shots. Enough already!!!

  5. Actually, the NY Times says a lot of nice things about LA on a regular basis. As for me, I am always happy to mock and belittle Los Angeles for its low standards. It’s one of the requirements for writing for this blog, along with appreciating and extolling its virtues when the occasion arises. I think Patt Morrison said something once about embracing LA in all of it’s absurdities and daunting contradictions, which is how I survive here.

  6. We went there for my wife’s Birthday on December 5th. The food was outlandishly overprices. Dinner for four? Around 250.00. Oh and the menu selection was small and the food itself was quite bland.

    Also the place is under heavy construction. You may want to save your field trips for when the exterior remodel is completed.

    However you are correct, stopping in for a drink might be fun, if only for the “Jetsons-esque kitsch.” It’s interesting for about 15 minutes at best. After that it just starts to feel sad.

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