Los Angeles Gasoline Prices: Up or Down?

This Chevron station at the corner of Lincoln and Venice had two different sets of prices posted today. One set listed premium at $2.00 ($1.99.9 is two dollars, not a dollar ninety-nine, to the non-impressionable among us). The other sign listed premium at $2.04. A station employee was standing under the sign with the cheaper prices. My guess is that he was about to raise the posted prices above him, as opposed to having just finished lowering them. Gasoline prices may have fallen around the country this past week, but we’re talking about the West Side of Los Angeles, where I am seeing them back on the upswing.

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Gasoline Prices: Up or Down?”

  1. It really kind of sucks that we are going back up when others are continuing to fall. In St Louis they are 1.45/gal. Of course they have a low gas tax and don’t have to use that ethonalated smog formula but that doesn’t account for the whole difference.

    Then again its worth 55 cents/gal to not be in St Louis, so I guess I’ll right it off as the LA privilege fee and roll with it. Still much easier to pay $30 for a fill on a bad day compared to the $75 tanks last summer.

  2. Prices may also be headed up because last week OPEC announced that they would be cutting back on production in order to “stabilize” prices. I think they mean “raise,” because I’d be happy for them to stabilize where they are right now (around $1.65 for the cheap stuff in Pasadena.)

  3. Surprise surprise: MSNBC reports that SUV sales held firmer than car sales as gasoline prices declined in recent months, and automakers are offering special incentives to sell more of them.

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