Metblogs Author Submissions: I’m sorry, you’re not on the list

Ok kids, it’s the 21st and no more metblogs author submissions will be accepted. I thought about extending the deadline since I got a rush of last-minute applications, but I figure if you can’t even apply on deadline, what makes me think you’d blog on a regular basis? Ha! Silly me.

So, I was looking for an image of a club bouncer standing menacingly in front of a door, as if to say, “Sorry, it’s a private party tonight” but googling “door bouncer” brought up so many images of babies in bouncers (that’s what those boingy thingies that hang in doorways are called, yes?) I figured I’d just use one of those. Hence our charming photo, left.

If you sent your email in, and you didn’t get a bounceback, well then I got it, and you’ll be hearing from me shortly if you haven’t already. We’ve now got about two dozen folks who applied, which is flippin’ sweet, and frankly you’re all just fabulous little winners in my book already.

No decisions will be made until after New Year’s, but once that ball drops, baby, you may be blogging with our team of illustrious blogging rockstars before you can say “Now where’s my press pass?”

3 thoughts on “Metblogs Author Submissions: I’m sorry, you’re not on the list”

  1. I love the bouncers. At least I did until the my last arrived.
    My daughter loved it and bounced herself to sleep.
    My middle son loved it and bounced himself to sleep even faster.
    My youngest. Poor Joey loved it too the first day he was in it. Bounced for ever and wore himself down for a good nap. Then his brother arrived and pulled it back hard and sent him flying ala ricochet rabbit. He never ever went near it again. It scarred him for years with roller coasters too.

    I can’t wait to see who else is joining us.

  2. yup, lucinda its both but that life and in particular life with sibs. Kinda like the writers here, we may not always agree but after a while we develop connections no unlike sibs.

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