Look north – before it all melts

I stepped out my front door a second ago to check the Brrrr factor to help the kids decide what to wear.  What a pleasant surprise – the San Gabriel Mountains are covered in white.  Look before it melts as this is one of my favorite views, especially from Downtown LA.  Why its so nice I think I need to ditch my Dad duties, dig out my forest pass and head up to Azusa Canyon for some shooting before it gets all melty.

Pic by me from my front porch, it does get bigger with a click.  There is an update after the jump.Update 8:05AM That’s ice on the car.  Ice all over the windows.  Ice in the locks.  Grummmmmmmmmble now I remember why I won’t live back in snow country again.  I hate scraping windows.  I hate warming up a car enough to remove the inside fog so I can see.  Well, hate is a bit strong as it would imply I loved it at one time, lets leave it at dislike intensly and will just enjoy the sight of the first snow.

2 thoughts on “Look north – before it all melts”

  1. My favorite place to take in the views on clear winter days is from Signal Hill. There are those special days where Downtown looks close enough to touch, and the mountains are huge.

    Here’s a view (taken during the Griffith Park fire) of what it looks like–imagine it clear, and the mountains looming behind.


  2. great pic…but when are you gonna chop down those damn trees? only kidding…should be looking up towards clamshell if my bearings are correct.

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