Everything I know about relaxing about Prop 8 I learned from OC Metblogs

Lately, with all of the Prop 8-related developments wearing me down, it’s nice to be lifted by OC Metblogs, our next door sistah site, calling a different strain of attention to the largest donor segment of the Yes on Prop 8 contingent, the Church of Latter Day Saints… and the hot men that are some of its most fervent, er, practioners.

OCMB’s Jon, in his Shirtless Mormon Hunks from Irvine! post, stalked has tracked down the hottie who is the 2009 Men on a Mission calendar cover guy (and also Mr. April.)

It being the new year, you’re going to need a new calendar. I usually spring for a farm animal or tractor theme calendar from the 99 Cents Only Store, but this one looks to be worth the premium price in oddity-value alone.

Also, OCMB captain Gina seems a lot less apoplectic than me over Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren being chosen to deliver the prayer at Obama’s inauguration. After reading her spin on it, (that drawing those that oppose you into a dialogue isĀ  the first step to seducing them — I mean, persuading them to take your side,) I took a deep breath and thought, “Okay. We’ll see.”

2 thoughts on “Everything I know about relaxing about Prop 8 I learned from OC Metblogs”

  1. The guy who created this got stripped of his degree from the mormon university.
    Ironic that all my gay friends pass this around I guess were waiting for one of these hotties to ring our doors so we can recruit and marry them, oh wait we can’t.

  2. blvdjohnny,

    There is an *ahem* adult film titled “Bad Behavior” that covers that same ground. Mormon missionaries show up at the door only to be lured into and S&M dungeon. Not that I have seen it or anything, that’s just what I’ve heard, a friend told me about it, yeah, that’s it…

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