Crop Circles in Monrovia?

Nope.  Its lawn circles, more precisely senior student lawn circles.  The decades may roll on but seniors still seem to find it appropriate to use the biggest patch of grass on school property and use their jeep to cut some circles in the lawn.  (I have it on VERY good authority it was a jeep, not a truck or suv).  It grows back so minor foul and no long term harm.

Pic by me with the trusty cell cam and gets bigger with a quick click.Check it out…this is post 500. 500 posts since 5/31/07.  I made my personal goal here for the year.  I’ll be around a bit longer to continue to annoy you one key stroke at a time.

One thought on “Crop Circles in Monrovia?”

  1. Wow! Grats on the 500. I have 47. Feels like a lot more…..but then I’ve been commenting far longer than posting, so that’s prolly why.

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