If The Broguiere’s Won’t Come To Me, Then Me Will Come To The Broguiere’s

I’ve had enough of this wild egg nog chase. Early on each holiday season I’m usually quick to nab a couple/three bottles of Broguiere’s — otherwise known as THE BESTEST DAMNED BESTEST EGG NOG EVER MADE EVER DAMMIT AND DON’T ARGUE THE POINT. But this year, I slacked. And now I’m sans Brog’s and jonesing. Hard!

So much so that on my way home last night desperate for a fix I stopped a Pavilions, a Ralphs, two Vons, a Petco, and one locals-only market on the corner of Adams and Redondo whose name escapes me but it had something to do with a horse I think… Bronco, maybe? Moving on.

In short: none of ’em had the supreme stuff. Oh sure with the exception of Petco they had quote/unquote nog by the dozens of flimsy paper cartons. But they didn’t have Broguiere’s Egg Nog, and I’m telling you, once you’ve sampled the best, a waste of time and taste are the rest.

But check it: I’m through biking/driving/crying around town on such a futile and frustrating search for the sought-after chalices of the famed elixir. So don’t tell call me an idiot for not hitting the Super King in Glassell Park or the Gelson’s in Sherman Oaks or the Bristol Farms/Whole Foods wherever they are. Spare me the knowledge that the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s cut a deal with the devil and from an inventory questionably obtained is selling nothing but the stuff until they run out or New Year’s Eve, whichever comes first.

Give up? Oh hell no: I’m goin’ proactive. I’m going pilgrim. I’m going to Montebello. Because it is nothing less than a bonus for all of us in the greater Los Angeles area that Broguiere’s is within reach. That’s right, the very dairy wherein the nog-of-all-nogs is lovingly extracted by magic velvet elves directly from sacred singing cows into hand-sculpted buckets of ice imported in blocks directly from the North Pole before being poured into bottles of polished crystal for distribution* is in our midst. Your mileage may vary but according to The Google, Broguiere’s Farm Fresh Dairy is 12.7 miles from my front door to their portal of deliciousnessishness.

Gonna get me out to 505 South Maple Avenue, 90640 and get me some this weekend. Hours: Saturdays, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sundays, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

* Totally true — and some bottles may sport decorative portraits of Huell Howser.

9 thoughts on “If The Broguiere’s Won’t Come To Me, Then Me Will Come To The Broguiere’s”

  1. I really hate to gloat, but I have a secret source of Broguiere’s Egg Nog just a few blocks from my home. (Hint: It happens to be one of the stops on this weekend’s LA Grand Crew Ride. And its what I refer to as a hyper-convenient store that also blasts rock-n-roll day and night.)

    I was totally craving Broguiere’s Egg Nog last Friday, and on a hunch, I peddled down to the supper-secret location and literally shouted for joy when I saw the glass bottle through the cooler window. My wife, toddler daughter, and I finished it off in one night. (We had ours with bourbon and nutmeg, our daughter likes hers straight up.)

    Yes, it IS the best you can buy. I often find myself veering off the 60 freeway at Garfield Avenue, to make my way to the Broguiere’s Dairy drive-through. It is Southern California’s dairy Mecca.

  2. While I’ve never been an eggnog fan (in fairness, I’ve never tried Broguiere’s) I LOVE LOVE LOVE their chocolate milk!. They’re so hard to find though. But I had no idea they were an LA establishment!! I may have to stop by.

  3. I’ve found that the expensive stores usually have the regular milk, choco milk, and egg nog–Gelson’s, Bristol Farms, etc.

  4. fear not my dear i found one place in LA . there is a raplphs on 11th/ flower in Downtown LA. It’s more on 11th than flower where they have the nog. i bought it and it is amazing. it was quite the hunt for it. i might go get more tomorrow as an excuse to go downtown.

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