7 A.M. Report No. 2: Silver Lake Stromwartch111!

First off, apologies. I’d promised you a 7 p.m. update last night and I failed you. I know how many of you were depending on my diligence and I totally blew it. In my feeble defense, it was too dark and too freakin’ cold last night to try and ge-ge-ge-get a photo. Plus by then in my meteorological opinion the rain had ceased. Mostly.

So at 12 hours past due it is this morning that I offer my final tally. But as was pointed out in the comments of Stromwartch No. 1, my initial measurement of 7.5 picas was a total FAIL, because the utensil features a little bit extra that’s not part of the count. Gah! So the water that fell between Sunday night and Monday morn was probably about 10 picas or almost 1.75 inches. Whoa.

Now for my final reading as of this morning at 6:40 a.m. I used good ol’ fashioned Stanley measuring tape (not a lame pica pole with a silly extra bit of rounded tip) and it shows that just slightly more than a full and complete 2.0625 inches (or 13 picas) of liquid refreshment divebombed my section of Silver Lake:

Two Inches Of Rain in Silver Lake

Future updates at a date to be determined on a date to be determined.

8 thoughts on “7 A.M. Report No. 2: Silver Lake Stromwartch111!”

  1. Oy we need the water. Dense me I just got “strom” is that like “pron”? Kidding.
    Here in my corner we got just a tidge over 3 inches which is a nice start…about 1/7of our annual rain here in one storm. Now if the mountains can get a heavy rain maybe the drought conditions can be moderated up there.

  2. Fraz is right: a tidge is the metric version of a pica and therefore almost but not quite equal. Interestingly enough, it takes 6.7 tidges (or 7.1 picas) to make a skosh, most often used to measure pinches of chewing tobacco or crotch room in various brands of blue jeans.

    Now you know.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you used the word “picas” I have’nt heard that since
    Jr.High Print Shop.

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